Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wedding Arch project, Part I

A new purchase, a new project! I have found this wonderful arch.
It's now at home in the tack room of our barn awaiting its new destiny.The end of March it will be in a wedding, and this is what my plan is:

Instead of this being an arch for the nuptials, it will be a frame for the wedding cake.  We are going to build, or find, a table that will fit neatly under the arch. The inside measure of the arch is about 48".. a generous width. The depth of the sides is 24" but I will need to make sure the depth of the table is enough to accommodate a cake platform.

I have seen examples on Pinterest of tablecloths made of rows of burlap ruffles. The bride is planning burlap table runners on the round guests' tables, so I know the burlap would be perfect. I do many things but sewing is not one of them. In such cases at least I do know someone. Why do I think that sewing burlap is a messy pain in the back side?

This is my quandary: I do love chippy whites... but sometimes there might be a wee bit too much rust, especially for a wedding. But I don't want to loose any of the worn charm. I think I will sponge on just a bit of paint, not where its chipped off down to the bare metal, but something to cover some of the rust.

If I can quote a line from the Wizard of Oz.. "These things must be done delicately..."

I'm excited to have 13 followers now. Still not sure how to follow back. I have attempted this but I think I'm doing something wrong. I'll get the hang of it in a few days. Still nervous I will mess up something if I hit the wrong button. Our pupster Scout is 2 years old now, but I love this pic of her when she was small. Aren't puppies the best?  All of you have a great week!

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